Tax Prep Program - From W2 to Down Payment

Bring Your W2's, Drive Home Today!

Use your W2 to get the money you need for a down payment on a pre-owned car or SUV. That's right, our tax preparation partner will complete your taxes and will advance your refund so you can drive home today*. Imagine, purchasing a vehicle without bringing any cash for a down payment to the dealer! Well, now you can make that a reality. Just follow the four easy steps listed below and you're all set!


How Does it work?

It's easy!

  1. Bring in your W2 to any of our dealerships.
  2. Our tax preparation partners will complete your taxes and figure your refund.
  3. Depending on the refund amount, you can get an advance up to $6,000 to use as part of a down payment on a vehicle purchase at InstaCredit Automart.
  4. That's it! Pick out your ride and drive home!

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With your permission, we report your good payment history to credit agencies to help you maintain, establish or restore your good credit.

Our Financing is Fast and Simple! Please bring the following items when you visit our dealership:

  • Current driver's license
  • Two recent paycheck stubs
  • Proof of residency within 60 miles from one of our dealerships (piece of mail or lease/rental contract in your name)
  • Down payment in cash or trade

The amount of your down payment represents an important part of your qualification. A larger down payment will typically qualify you for a higher priced vehicle.


* Tax preparation services provided by TaxMax. Refund advances are offered by EPS Finance, a division of MetaBank. Terms and conditions apply. Not all will qualify for a refund advance. See dealer for additional details.